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NHS Management Sdn. Bhd.

Malaysia has been recognized to have adopted a good sanitation system through the legislative  reforms and implementation of firm set guidelines of sewage treatment policies and appropriately coordinated water sewerage and septage management services.

High rates of urbanization throughout Asia have put water and sanitation production volume to consequently increase thus creating an increase in sludge volume produced from domestic and industries waste water treatment facilities.

We at NHS Management sdn bhd have been in the desludging business since 2004 starting with one 10,000 liters vacuum desludging tanker.

All of our employees have years of experience in desludging field work with complete safety certificates (NIOSH, C.I.D.B and Confine space certificates) and mandatory training in order to ensure service provided of required standard. All the sludges will be disposed according to Malaysia accordance of SPAN rules and regulations for disposal of waste water and sludge at the approved disposal ground.

  • Desludging & cleaning of sewage system, septic tank and filter bed.
  • Manhole cleaning
  • Toilet clogged
  • Clogged sink
  • Blocked floor trap
  • Change the water tank and its buoy
  • Water pipe conversion
  • Installation of new pipes and sink.
  • Drain cleaning and repair services.
  • Change the toilet seat.
  • Detect leakage.
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Water main repair services.
  • Outdoor plumbing repair and installation.
  • Septic tank system installers and pumping services.
  • Warehouse
  • Residental area
  • School
  • Village house
  • Staffs hostel
  • Industrial

Mainhole Cleaning With Water Jet Pump

Sucking And Clean Up Mainhole

Sucking Sewage Waste