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NHS Management Sdn. Bhd.

Our company is a professional cleaning service. Professional cleaning service company specializes in residential, commercial and industrial cleaning task that can be specially done according to our clients’ requirements. We cater all of our clients in Malaysia with all kind of professional cleaning services including contract cleaning for resident, condominiums, corporate office spaces, shopping malls, shop lots, or contractual cleaning service for factory, warehouse, convention center, religious buildings, schools, colleges, resorts, hotels, embassies, showrooms, move-in/move-out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning and so forth. Our cleaning service specialist company offers contractual cleaning services following the preferred demand made by our clients in Malaysia. 

  • Basic home cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Cleaning in supermarket area
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Glass and windows cleaning
  • Grass cutting and cleaning landscape area
  • Cleaning at high area with safety equipment
  • School
  • Apartment
  • Condominium
  • Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Shopping Mall
  • Resident Area
  • Hotel
  • Staff Hostel

We have wide range of Cleaning equipment that suit your needs. Stainless Steel Bin, Tissue, Washroom Dispenser, Floor Mat, Cleaning Machine, Hand Dryer, High pressure washer, Floor Scrubbers-Dryer, Cleaning Chemicals, Wet & dry vacuum cleaner and others.

Our professional cleaners are completely committed to every task they have to do, ensure that it is done proficiently, efficiently, and promptly. Your area can be a spacious place; it will get the best care, as our cleaner’s team has years of experience. We know all the requirements of approaching a range of layouts. Our NHS cleaning team provides quality when you need it. You can select from common cleaning services or take more specific wide-ranging cleaning projects; we are always here to accomplish all the tasks.

We have years of experience providing janitorial maintenance for shopping mall cleaning services. Provide a pleasant shopping experience with a clean and safe environment for shoppers to purchase their goods with peace of mind. .

Clean The Floor With Ride-On-Sweeper

Trolly Arrangement

Outside Cleaning Mall

NHS understands that external facade cleaning is extremely vital for any building owner. It presents the front of the business to the public and if a building’s external facade has not been cleaned, it immediately shows negligence on behalf of the owner. As the facade of a building is external and usually on a high-rise level, everyone’s safety is our utmost priority and we constantly ensure that every safety precaution and measure is adhered to.

Our external facade cleaning team are skilled in applying their know-how to access tight areas to provide cleaning of the buildings’ facades and environment. This also includes knowing the right cleaning materials to clean the buildings’ glass, concrete, tiles and aluminium cladding.

Cleaning At High Area With Safety Equipment

As experts in cleaning, NHS offers professional floor care and restoration to dramatically improve the appearance and structure of your property. Our expert team can restore any damaged or dull and lifeless floor back to life with its original sheen and lustre.

Most natural floors like marble, ceramic tiles and granite are commonly used in building interiors for their durability. However, even the hardest granite can be chipped, cracked or somehow damaged due to improper care. Our floor care and restoration personnel will determine the suitable cleaning and restoration solution for your floor based on where it is used in the building.

Scrubbing Floor Area

For many buildings, toilets are highly essential areas for cleaning and maintenance due to their high traffic and usage. Frequent usage also leads to unsanitary conditions and lowly stocked toilets. NHS offers this toiletry supply and hygiene service to counter this.  

With a regular toiletry supply and hygiene service, your building and its premises will uphold your business’ reputation and the general public’s perception of your brand. We will ensure that your building meets the highest sanitation standards.

Our toiletry supply and hygiene service provides deep and thorough sanitization where all harmful bacteria will be eliminated and this will also prolong the life of your toilet and its facilities. For clean and well-maintained toilets, we supply products for feminine sanitary hygiene for women and a refreshing aroma as an extra detail from our service. 

NHS is a Specialist in Professional Contract Cleaning Services for all Commercial Industrial. Each week, NHS service hundreds of corporate/factory premises in Johor Bharu and its surrounding areas. We provide general cleaning services to clients which comprise a diverse range of organisation.

Cleaning The Drain Factory

Lifting Rubbish & Cleaning The Garbage Bin Area

Cleaning Corridor Area

We also provides office maintenance such as office cleaning services. Having a clean and well-maintained office and working environment will make a significant difference to any business owner’s brand, lower employee absenteeism and higher staff morale.

With the right office cleaning service, you and your business will have the perfect presentation in upholding the high standards of a professional office environment. 

Our Outdoor & Indoor Cleaning services ensure that your property is clean, well presented and well maintained.

Whether it’s pressure cleaning, office or building washing, floor cleaning, hard surface sealing, office cleaning or car park cleaning, our highly trained team has the experience and equipment to deliver outstanding results for all your Outdoor & Indoor surfaces.

To create a beautiful outdoor environment for your home or commercial property, getting the right landscaping service is extremely crucial. Your exterior design should match the standards of your property interiors.

You can rest assured that our talented and professional landscaping service team will work closely with you as they do with the rest of our clients – from the initial planning stages of the project all the way to completion.

We at NHS understand that landscape maintenance is also a very important aspect to our clients, so this is included in our landscaping services.